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HUMINT stands for Human Intelligence June 11, 2018
HUMINT Workshop will train HR practitioners how to apply intelligence analytical tools for effective Human Resources Management

The demand for talent continues to be high as corporations compete for the limited pool of highly skilled candidates. To become a high performing organization requires an investment in the people working in the organization and an understanding of customer and stakeholder needs. HUMINT workshop provides HR managers and HR professionals easy access to competency-based analytical tools to support a variety of HR management functions, including performance assessment. HUMINT workshop provides data for job design, recruitment and selection, performance management, and career planning on the basis of industry-wide job analyses and best of breed HR software tooks.

This 3-day interactive workshop provides participants with a comprehensive, practical understanding of the software tools involved in recruiting, talent management, succession planning and performance assesment, and industry best practices in alignment with the latest governnance requirements and industry regulations. This course equips participants with the knowledge and ability to apply succession management principles for deploying low-cost, high-impact HR analytical tools across different verticals.

Both private and public sector organizations find themselves in a time in which the demand for sophisticated HR services, tools and practices has increased, the expectation for quality HR management service is high, and the accountability for results is exceptional. HR depeartments must be results-driven, employee-centered, and market-fuocused. In an effort to improve and enhance organizational effectiveness and to drive HR departments toward becoming high performing organizations, the workshop helps HR strategic planners to develop workforce and succession planning processes in their organizations.

What you get

HR Management Tools: Best of breed HR management tools, sturdy solution patterns, case studies of the best HR management practices, HUMINT toolbox customized for HR management. HR softmare market is booming. Our portfolio of ready-to-deploy curricula will help to train your workforce in best practices in staffing and recruitment.

Ready to Deploy Solutions: Moving to a software-defined HR management approach demands commitment. Our ready-to deploy solutions can help you overcome transition pains within shortest period of time to ensure smooth operation as usual. You will learn how to reduce CAPEX costs by deploying HR on Demand cloud-based solutions.

Up to Date: We always update our program to keep things fresh. You will have the opportunity to tackle HR technology challenges and must act now to take advantage of the commitment for increased investment in HR technology to transform how we operate through effective HR programs, services and technologies.

Learn to Love Your Employees: You have to love your employees! Our HR professionals and personnel psychologists are highly skilled instructors. We possess the expertise necessary to rapidly develop new skills and modify existing perceptions to meet fast changing organization realities.

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